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X-rays or radiographs are one of the most valuable tools to help diagnose problems in your teeth and jaw.

X-rays can:

  • Show areas of decay that are not visible during an exam, such as decay between the teeth or underneath an existing filling.
  • Alert the dentist of possible bone loss associated with gum disease.
  • Reveal other abnormalities such as cysts.
  • For children x-rays are used to watch for decay and to monitor tooth growth and development. Often major problems can be prevented by catching small developmental problems early.

How often are X-rays taken?

  • Typically checks up x-rays (bitewings) are taken yearly, or at least every 2 years. A full set of x-rays which is a set of 18 x-rays are taken on adults every 5-10 years, although some patients may need x-rays more frequently.
  • Children: Many children may need x-rays every 6 months depending on their age and dietary habits, because they are highly likely to develop cavities.
  • Adults with extensive restorative treatment may also need more frequent x-rays.

Digital x-rays reduce radiation by as much as 50% compared to film x-rays.


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